Katie Novo

Imbuing empathy and perspective through business design and marketing

Welcome! I am glad you are here and happy to share my work with you and your team while you consider working with me. I have over a decade of experience in several technical and creative business disciplines including: Marketing Operations, Marketing Strategies, Marketing Analysis & Optimization, Department Development and Management, Graphic Design & Content Development, and UX / Product Design & Business Innovation.

"She is exceptional to say the least... I believe she has made a significant impact on the path Azzule has taken over the past few years."

– Robert Stovicek, Chairman, Primus Group, Inc.

Corporate Level Marketing Portfolio

Small Business & Non-Profit Consulting

My Work @ Edwards Construction

Marketing Manager, Brand Development May 2023 – Present

In my short time with Edwards, I transformed their brand from a DIY, small-business level to a modern, major corporation look and feel that is competitive with organizations many times their size. Upon arriving at Edwards, assessed their brand, marketing infrastructure, and market presence. I immediately designed and implemented a new brand across the company. I developed a compelling brand story and created professional marketing messaging across all client interfaces. I re-designed proposal, presentation and document templates to better allow Edwards to compete amongst much larger General Contractors. I quickly mastered proposal development and assisted increasing the rate of wins amongst proposal submittals.

My Work @ Gaine Technology, Inc.

Director of Marketing June 2019 – October 2022

I designed and implemented the marketing operations infrastructure from the ground up. I researched the market and developed ABM, Demand Generation, Inbound / Outbound, and Event marketing strategies to fit our start-up budget. I analyzed metrics weekly to improve efforts and deliver nurtured leads to sales.


Marketing Strategy

ABM global ad strategy, ABM content strategy, ABM Account research and prospecting. Demand Generation Strategy, Demand Gen Content strategy, Demand Gen CTA and Conversion Strategy, Partner & Co-Selling Strategy, Event Strategy, Lead Nurturing strategy

Marketing Operations

Building the infrastructure for marketing data point collection, CRM strategy and use case development, email marketing engine integration, HubSpot integration, Google Analytics integration, Terminus ABM software integration, content development outsourcing strategy, LinkedIn Sales Navigator prospecting analysis. 

Brand Development & Management

Developed brand assets for company, organized product offerings into marketable products, created brands for products and services, controlled websites, emails, sales decks, and public-facing content design and messaging, wrote and designed all PR materials, blog materials, case studies, demo and explainer videos, whitepapers, etc. Integrated brand consistency into all client-facing interactions.

My Work @ Primus Group, Inc.

Marketing & Design Specialist December 2012 – June 2019


Marketing Director

2016 – 2019

Designed and developed nationally recognized marketing program for small farmers. Fully designed product and interface for supply chain compliance software, wrote use cases and communicated data architecture on a basic level. Developed launch and rebranding strategy. Designed product launch communications, website, onboarding tools and educational videos.

Marketing Manager

2014 – 2016

Designed new and traditional brand and marketing strategies and materials. Analyzed campaign metrics for success. Designed and wrote copy for complex analytical reports, infographics, data visualizations, interactive presentations, spatial experiences, and all other digital and print brand assets.

Marketing Coordinator

2012 – 2014

Maintained brand integrity across all company marketing initiatives and communications. Managed a portfolio of products and services. Researched and monitored markets. Developed brand and marketing strategies. Executed digital and print communications. Built and maintained website.

My Toolset



Account Based Marketing
ABM Retargeting
Demand Generation
Content Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Social Media Marketing


Email Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing/PPC
Earned Media and PR
Event Marketing

Areas of Specialty

Life Sciences / Biotech


Non-Profit Organizations
Business Compliance
Business Technology
Social & Community


Strategic Thinking
Design Thinking
Change Management
Analytical / Results Driven
Graphic Design
Product Design

UX/UI Design
Story Boarding
High-Fidelity Mockups
Use Case Development
Technical Writing
Creative Writing
Ideation / Invention

Problem Solving
Creative Discovery
Attention to Detail
Critical Thinking
Project Management
Brand Development
Deadline Oriented
Thorough & Efficient


Katie Novo

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