Gloria Soto Campaign for Santa Maria City Council Print, Web, and Video Marketing

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Gloria Soto for District 3 | Fall, 2018

A young community non-profit leader launches an ambitious campaign for a seat on the Santa Maria City Council. She will face a disengaged voting constituency and an even sleepier dais of returning, good-old-boy candidates. She will meet this challenge with a passionate group of volunteers and eye-catching digital and print marketing campaign that can not be ignored. She will win.


I was originally contacted by Gloria Soto’s team to help them create some vintage political campaign buttons (those 3 inch, t-shirt pins with bright colors and fun slogans). As an acquaintance of Gloria ‘s through a near decade’s experience of volunteering and serving on board’s of organizations that she supported, I was pleased to help and wanted to do more. 


I set out to be a graphic design resource to help Gloria with her digital and print marketing assets. I wanted her brand materials to be crisp and eye-catching. I wanted to lead with close-up, isolated visions of her on bright backgrounds with large, bold copy. I wanted voters to connect with her pictures and be sub-consciously impressed by and connected to her modern brand aesthetic. 

We designed an excellent set of handouts, mailers, social media posts to start. I then suggested a video series, knowing the power of connecting through online video and the tendency for young and millennial voters to watch vs. read content online. She agreed and set up a video studio in her garage. We wrote scripts and shot interviews for a full day. We covered all of the main points on her platform as well as some friendly, more personal, get-to-know-you type content to help make it all more consumable. 

I took that footage home and created a series of 6 interview shorts. Each included a custom intro sequence, branded title graphics throughout, and infographics to help connect the viewer to the concepts. Each features Gloria isolated against a crisp white background, allowing her to pop right off the page and speak directly to you. 

I created a landing page connected to their existing website and included the video series organized by campaign platform topic. I branded and connected a campaign YouTube page to guide voters and donors back to Gloria’s campaign website. We created promoted social media posts featuring the videos and connecting them back to the landing page where they could watch more or explore the site, getting to know Gloria as a candidate through the process. 


In November 6, 2018 – Gloria Soto, at just 29 years old, was voted the youngest member to ever join the dais of the Santa Maria City Council in its history. This thanks to her incredible team of life-long civics enthusiasts and non-profit organizers, and perhaps in small part due to her attractive marketing campaign.

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