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Central Coast Party Factory | 2017

A local entrepreneur launches a party rental company and sets their sights on an upscale clientele desiring safety, cleanliness, and quality over cheap, discounted services from its competition. Looking to set themselves apart, they reached out to me to give them a look and feel to reflect this level of quality and professionalism and set them apart from the crowd.


A first-time entrepreneur is busy building their party rental inventory and infrastructure and only considers the brand as an afterthought. Approaching launch date, they came to me for help with a logo. 


I conducted an interview to get to know them and the vision they had for their new business. In researching the local landscape of party rental businesses it became clear that nearly every one pulled from the same brand playbook – busy, bright colors, clashing and most of all, unprofessional. My advice to this client was to stand out by doing less. A simple concept with clean lines and a simple color palette would be the first logical step towards separation from the local competition. 

I played with several concepts for the the brand stamp. I worked with a balloon animal, a pinata, and other usual party suspects. Not satisfied, I went back to the client and dug a bit deeper. In learning about their kids and the vision for their future in the business as well I asked if they could send me some photos of the kids. 

One in particular stood out. A boy with a large grin and happy ears would make a perfectly classic, mischievous character to be the face of the brand. I sketched a logo version of the boy, found a big-top type and created a vibrant, but simple color palette.


The project was a success. I surprised the client with the new logo with his son as the centerpiece and they became instantly emotional with happy tears. Love at first sight. No edits necessary. I created an asset package of various versions and file types for them to hit the ground running. 

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