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Company’s Coming | 2021

A legacy retail shop comes under new ownership and they hit the ground running. Along with a brand overhaul and brand new renovations for its retail space it was looking to create a new website to communicate its ambitious transition in product, aesthetic, and attitude. 


This new business owner not only took over the huge responsibility of renovating a small business with so much history in the community and make it uniquely their own, but they also had to take over management of an antiquated website and bring its social media accounts out of hibernation. 


For this project, I wanted to set the owner up with a good online foundation for a future in online retail. I started with an infrastructure made up of a main WordPress site with a Shopify store integrated and (for the user) seemingly built in. While the business owner was not quite ready to take up online selling, this foundation would allow them to easily transition to an e-commerce experience when they felt ready, without any backend restructuring (which is so often necessary).

I proposed a “Boho Chic / Idyllwild Country” aesthetic to capture the spirit of the new owner and to indicate the type of shop she would be curating for her clients to any online visitors. On a budget, we were able to feature all of the brands in an engaging way without having to post each and every product. 

Lastly, I integrated their email communications platform with an email opt-in form and with the general contact form to ensure all forms submitted could act as a collection point for contacts.

Finally, I was able to help get control of their social media accounts, set up a Facebook Business account, integrate Instagram to allow for paid ads and selling directly through the platform, and to ensure brand and aesthetic consistency across all of its interfaces. 


Below you can see the original website next to the new site design. You’ll immediately see the difference it makes to transition from an antiquated, static HTML site to a responsive, modern website design that is mobile friendly and easy on the eyes. Feel free to examine the original proposal, as well, which acts also as guidance for the new business owner.

Website Before vs. Website After

The previous site was a one-page, static html script (seen in green on the right), while the new site (seen on the left) is dynamic, mobile friendly, and reflects the latest aesthetic and functional trends in web design. 

Design Proposal Submitted to Company’s Coming

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