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Confidential Organization | 2019

Controlled internal and external document branding is a strong indication of a mature organization with its ducks in a row. The following is one example of how design can help a critical proposal to rise to the top and stand out from the competition. 


Brand consistency across the entire sales process and buyer journey is often overlooked. Sales folks are on the move and they create documentation on the fly. They met their deadline, but their presentation invokes something like Frankenstein.

Cohesion in presentation and branding can play a substantial part in a buyer’s perception of your level of professionalism and organization. Just as assuredly as you would pick the best label on the shelf, your prospect will lean towards your product if it is packaged beautifully.

My Sales Team was preparing to answer an RFP from a major organization and came to me for help. Beginning to see the value of well designed documents, they asked for a polished look and a review for new branding taxonomies.


My approach to this project was to balance the alignment of the document to my newly established brand direction with a functional template document for ease-of-adaptation for my sales team.

I first created a custom design for the document in Adobe XD. Once I had rules established for the type, spacing, and title graphics I re-created the document in Microsoft Word. There, I created an asset library of the character styles, spacing, palette, and graphics within the document itself that would be accessible to the document creator. I completed the template design and used it to create the first designed Proposal to ensure that all of the kinks were worked out.

Once completed, I delivered the completed proposal document and the proposal template to the sales team and offered a quick training session for its potential users.


The result is another piece along of the sales and marketing processes that is branded and synchronized with all of the other touchpoints along the buyer journey. Allowing the Sales Team to use a template rather than submit to the design request process nearly eliminated instances of mal-adoption or rogue, Frankenstein sales proposals. 


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