Customer Retention Marketing: Annual Client Data Analytics as a Service Campaign

Marketing Strategy | Product Design | Data Visualization Design

Azzule Systems | 2018

A B2B Data Management as a Service organization looks for new ways to engage with its clients around their data. This project lives where Marketing and Product design meet – where data generated by the product can be repurposed into insight and used as an incentive for the clients to use the software more.


Technology as a service can be difficult to package. There are no bottles or boxes to put labels on and there are not always client interfaces to see into the inner-workings of SQL database and API functions. This was, at the time, true for this Supply Chain Data Management software company.

At the time, this organization was finding it challenging to communicate the benefits of storing all of a client’s food safety and compliance data within the software. Users would login to send and retrieve compliance data and were not engaging with some of the newer compliance analytics features with the software. 

We needed a way to get them to see the organization as not just a transactional send and retrieve software, but as a compliance hub for management and insight. 


My approach to this problem was this — People love insight about themselves. People are constantly spending precious time on filling out click-bate surveys so that it will spit out a report or piece of insight about them. This principal applies in business as well, particularly for software and technology companies.

Coincidentally, as I was helping to design for this project, I had just so happened to receive my “Spotify Wrapped.” If you are not familiar with it or are not a Spotify user, it is an annual report that Spotify gifts to its users every December. It tells them weird insights about themselves that are fun and clever, while also telling them basic facts like what their most listened to song was all year.

Below are some examples of my Spotify Wrapped from last year (2022):

For this project, I imagined that our clients were inputting all of this compliance data into the software and that they might be surprised by what insights it could potentially generate. Some clients may even have specific questions they want answered from that data.

In fact, as a premium service, we had been creating custom reports for buyers to demonstrate various weak points in the supply chain or frequency of non-conformance, etc. However, the issue with the existing approach at the time was to generate graphs and charts from big data sets and send them to the client. The clients would have to then analyze the graphs and charts and look for insight.

With Azzule’s powerful data set and its scientific and technical compliance knowledge, it could pull those enticing bits of insight out of the data and present it to the client as a key finding, rather than just averages or general knowledge. For example: Instead of telling a client that they had a total of 1,000 lab results last year, tell them that their most tested area was San Juan Bautista and show them the top 5 regions. Make it visually stimulating and make it very specific.

I created a mock-up of this concept as the report below based on my own insight of what was possible with the data and presented it for consideration. 


Delivering the data in this way presents a new way for the client to experience their data. It’s consumable, insightful, and best of all – it can be repurposed into the reports they share internally. It even helps them think creatively about their operations and about the potential for the data that they may not have considered before.

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