Brand Development: From DIY Logo to Corporate-Level Brand Professionalism

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Edwards Construction Group | 2023

In my short time with Edwards so far, I’ve transformed their brand from a DIY, small-business logo implementation to a modern, major corporate-level look and feel that is competitive with organizations many times their size and adheres to strict brand guidelines for future-forward management and market presence. 


I was hired by Edwards to improve their Project Proposals to better compete with more established organizations across Central and Southern California. However, upon arrival and review of their existing state of affairs it became clear that the first critical step in rising to the level of the competition was to focus on the brand. 

Their existing logo was designed in-house by non-design professionals and their implementation across materials and client-facing touchpoints was disorganized. See the original brand and implementation below: 

Original Brand


I worked to develop a new brand concept. I wanted to honor their legacy as a three-decade old, family organization while designing for a modern look and ease of application across mediums. I designed a full logo from scratch and implemented a new “Edwards Blue” that would be more masculine and carry more presence the the simple Cyan color previously being used. I developed brand guidelines and worked with teams to implement a cost-effective transition from old brand to new. 


The result is a corporate-level brand that an organization would normally have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to develop with a team of brand designers. In-house, we were able to design a sophisticated, meaningful brand that led to the upgrade of Edwards’ first impression on all clients and stakeholders. The design transformation, from old to new, speaks for itself as a successful endeavor. 


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