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Fishing Armory | 2017

An entrepreneur out of Arroyo Grande on the Central Coast of California creates a hand-crafted fishing lure that’s sure to catch the attention of its target market. With a new product and no brand they came to me for help. 


The Fishing Armory approached me to help them launch their brand new product – with a strong brand. 


I studied the product and considered the goals of the business owner. The product itself having a strong visual quality, I decided it would be featured within the logo. While this was an usual approach, it worked well in the end and lent itself to strong product recognition alongside branding. Finally, I chose a type and color scheme for the logo reminiscent of old army planes. 


The logo was an instant success with the business owner. With no revisions necessary, I got right to work helping them prepare branded materials such as product tags, a catalogue, a custom drawn and designed “From My Cold Wet Hands” T-Shirt (clever phrasing created by yours truly), and other print materials as necessary.

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