Fishing Armory Small Business Print Catalogue & Form Design

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Fishing Armory | 2018

A fledgling small business wants to hit the fishing and outdoorsman event and conference circuit with a better looking sales catalogue than a home-made, one-page word document. I met the design challenge with bold product images, big fish, and an handy tear-out catalogue form.


After working with this client on the development of their brand, they came to me with the desire to upgrade their sales material to stand out at conferences and catch the eye of potential buyers. 


I began by outlining the catalogue copy and wireframing the layout. I chose a rugged military type for the titles to stay on brand. I photographed all of the product at various angles for perfect placement. I scraped images directly from their Instagram featuring real customers and their prizes and photoshopped them boldly into the document. 

Lastly, and more functionally, I designed an order form that was user friendly both in print as well as online – as a fillable form. No need to print and scan. 


At first glance, the client was happy with the result. Small tweaks were made to conclude the project and the catalogue file was prepared for the client to send to print. 

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