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Confidential Organization | 2020

A new branding structure and website redesign reduces confusion around this organization’s products and services, allows for dynamic account-based marketing messaging and content, and is integrated with a complete marketing tech stack for lead generation and conversion tracking.


When I arrived to fulfill the newly created Marketing Director position at this organization, the first major project to tackle (besides a full marketing infrastructure overhaul) was to create a new website. The organization had several disparate websites for its products and services, with an antiquated design and tech-heavy messaging. 

Take a peak at the old site here: Old Website Circa 2018


This was my first project in this position. Before I could get started I had to learn the ins and outs of the organization and its services. I did this by reading materials given to me by leadership, interviewing sales, operations, and development folks and by reviewing its websites. 

I quickly understood that the sites needed better organization. Disparate sites per product was an issue in navigation and confusing for the reader. This website re-design began to be a re-branding exercise. The product taxonomies and product structures themselves were a bit hodgepodge and difficult to understand. 

I took a step back and created a new brand strategy. This would take a number of services, all originally given obscure Latin names of course, and give them modern, easy to understand names and sensible relationships between with each other. 

With the new branding architecture, naming, and design I was able to create a sitemap that would combine three websites into a cohesive, easily navigable home site. I designed a completely new brand aesthetic with slim lined characters and simplified infographics and process workflows. I worked with several stakeholders to simplify the copy on the site and move away from overly-technical jargon written by developers, to relatable text for our audience and their level of understanding of the issues. 

Lastly, to boost our online presence, I built a blog and resource section with a complete SEO regiment per piece. I employed contract writers and worked with them to churn out relevant content to keep our readers exploring. 


The new site infrastructure allowed us to move quickly with new campaigns. Unbeholden to web developers, our WordPress infrastructure gave me the ability to design and launch a landing page in less than one day. We were able to test content more efficiently and adjust as needed.

I was able to integrate Google Analytics, Hubspot CRM, Mailchimp, Salesforce and Terminus ABM software and use the site as one piece in the lead generating and tracking marketing tech stack. We began to see a major uptick in usership as we published blogs, whitepapers, videos, case studies and launched ads across our prospects’ ecosystems. 

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