Thought Leadership Content Strategy: Infographic and Data Visualization Design and Development

Content Development | Graphic Design | Data Visualizations | Infographics

Azzule Systems | 2012-2019

Storytelling through data visualizations and infographics is a compelling way to help B2B SaaS and technology services educate, connect with, and onboard their audiences. This is one of my favorite types of projects. It allows me to go deep into the technology, analyze data, connect with Subject Matter Experts, and process and synthesize difficult concepts into consumable pieces with beautiful graphics. 


Primus Group offers a diverse set of services all centered around Food Safety and Supply Chain Compliance. Azzule systems is its technology and data management branch. It is a forward-thinking tech company attempting to connect with and sell to a notoriously traditional and tech-resistant industry.

It has to lead with Thought Leadership as its marketing strategy and seeks to explain how its complex technology works to solve complex problems while making the lives of its clients much, much easier. 


Below are a several examples of how we approached this problem – with exceptional, consumable graphic design and data visualizations and with compelling storytelling.


Take a look. The work speaks for itself. 

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