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After creating the concept and designing the software, I was asked to contribute my ideas for the logo and future planning. I wrote and designed this preliminary proposal which has since been adopted with the addition of supplemental details and specific outlines.

The company had been integrating services for a long time, but we had not properly conveyed that integration to our customers in a way that would make sense. By designing the product to be an ecosystem for all dimensions of food safety and supply chain compliance, I was then able simplify the experience for all of our customers.

This branding strategy and product “roadmap”, of sorts, lends itself to that concept. We were able to transform our messaging to not only be a one-stop-shop, but to help the customer through experience and messaging the benefits of interoperability and service integration.

This was an exceptionally fun project and highlights when all of the elements of business design come together.

It was used to communicate to my CEO and the President of Primus Group initially. As it became more widely accepted amongst the “higher ups”, it was then proposed to the Board of Directors. After their overwhelming acceptance, it was then shared with department heads and managers and so on, until it was widely understood amongst all of our employees.

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