North County Rape Crisis Center Non-Profit Website Transformation Proposal

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North County Rape Crisis | 2020

A small, purpose-driven non-profit in Lompoc and the Santa Maria Valley is attempting to wow donors and provide life saving and life changing services to people experiencing domestic and sexual violence. They must modernize their static, HTML web page and take advantage of the mobile web in order to provide crucial emergency accessibility.


A friend of mine began volunteering with the North County Rape Crisis Center in the Spring of 2019.  In taking up an interest their new volunteer effort I googled The Center and wasn’t surprised to see an “old-school” static html website – as so many non-profits tend to have due to budget, time, and volunteer constraints. After all, who has time to worry about websites when you’re saving lives and providing such critical services on a 24-hour basis?

I asked if they would allow me to help them out and they agreed.


I had an initial conversation with the non-profit director to understand hers and the organization’s goals. I then proposed that I use my expertise to take a stab at a full draft site that they could demo live. I would charge them nothing to build the site from scratch and would train them to use the backend to make updates and maintain a low website budget.

The director agreed and designed a full working website within two weeks, creating a modern aesthetic and modern mobile usability. I used their existing marketing content to create new, more succinct messaging for the site. I built a filterable video resource library to incorporate those currently available on their disparate YouTube channel.

I created volunteer, donor, and contact forms and integrated them with a newly created Mailchimp account. I set up the Mailchimp account and integration in such a way that if a user filled out a specific form on the website – volunteer, donor, or general inquisitor – they would be tagged in Mailchimp as such. This way, the organization can email subject relevant information to each subscriber.

Most importantly, I installed and set up a DIVI WordPress infrastructure that would allow volunteers at the organization to easily maintain and update the website contact on their own and any time they needed to. Divi is known to be the top, most user-friendly WordPress page and theme builder for beginning-level users. After just three trainings, the director was fully capable of updating complex content throughout the site. Thus, eliminating most financial and capacity barriers to keeping pace with their program.


The website came out beautiful. It serves critical messaging with a powerful aesthetic. It includes special usability features and is 100% mobile friendly.  Its form, email marketing, and CMS integrations run themselves, contributing to a continuous infrastructure of donor and contact collection and management.

To this day, the Director needs only a rare bit of help to ask a one-off question, keep themes and plugins updated, and fix a password-change interruption in a social media feed integration. Otherwise – what you see is completely run by a go-getting, non-web developer, non-profit leader.

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