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Ponies & Paints | 2022

This project was a proposal for a local small business with a makeshift web presence and no branding, I created this colorful new logo design and website redesign proposal for Ponies & Paints to appeal to their demographic and a Central Coast aesthetic. 


I heard through the local business grapevine about a new small business in the area offering a unique experience for kids out of Santa Ynez. My network (and Ponies & Paints client base) told me about their need for a website and booking process. 


I started by designing the brand – a pop of color, a warm palette, and a stylized pony. I then put together a full landing page using custom photoshopped painted ponies and giant paint strokes as accents. I scraped their Instagram and other like images as examples of content they could use on their home page. 


Their original site was a static html page with little to no information. I presented a brand and a web proposal rich in color and rich in content – family friendly and fun to interact with. 

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