Santa Maria Women’s Network Non-Profit Website Transformation Proposal

Non-Profit Organization | Web Design

Santa Maria Women’s Network | 2022
New leadership joins a small town, legacy non-profit women’s network and sets its sights on a digital transformation. They will seek to upgrade and modernize their website, draw traffic to their recurring and special events, onboard new members and integrate with email tools. Below is the proposal I created for the project as well as a full demo website for consideration.


I was approached by a board member with the local non-profit about the need to reach and to help onboard new members. They expressed fear that the existing website was too outdated to appeal to an enthusiastic and modern business audience. Having just become a new member and experienced the pdf-based registration process, they wanted to find a new way to streamline the experience. 


For this project, I simply took a look at the organization’s existing website to assess it for content and user experience. I attempted to register as a new member to understand and estimate the details of the existing backend process. Sure enough, it was a PDF that I would have to download, print, fill out, scan, and email off or bring to the next meeting.

I put together a full website demo and presented it along with a written proposal outlining the digitization of the registration process and its integration with email marketing software. The home page would feature upcoming events linking to an even more engaging event calendar. The registration process would be done entirely online, only calling for the approval of an Administrator before automatically publishing the new member profile and business directory listing. Upon submission of a registration, contact, volunteer, or subscription form the Mailchimp email automation workflows would kick-in to welcome either user according to the form they completed. The website would be mobile friendly and appealing to the desired, young professional’s aesthetic.


While the project was not adopted by the wider board due to cost restraints, the demo speaks for itself as a strong and functional upgrade in experience. 

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