Santa Maria Valley Wealth Advisor Small Business Launch Campaign & Branding Strategy

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Santa Maria Valley Wealth Advisor | 2021-2022

I created a branding strategy for a local Wealth Advisor with a unique challenge. Their situation was such that they had to incorporate the parent brand of their main office in a big city in Orange County while creating a presence and messaging that would resonate with a small country town in the Central Coast of California. 


My client was moving her business from a large metropolitan community to a small, “rural-esque” community on the Central Coast of California. While still technically operating under this big-time corporate entity, she had to establish her name and create a presence in her new home town that would resonate with a tight-knit, ranching and wine community. She would need to include her existing parent brand with a newly established local brand somehow.


I started by examining the parent brand and their online presence. Their current website did not lend itself to her needs. She would need to begin creating content and marketing strategies relevant to her small-town, local market. The existing website was non-extensive and could not be altered. 

We decided to create a “satellite” website. This website would allow her to establish her new brand but link back to the corporate site to ensure a clear connection between the two entities. She would be able to tailor her marketing and content strategies to her new audience while also have the luxury of backing up her credentials with this major, corporate wealth advisory group with a proven track record. 

We created a sub-brand that would lend itself most obviously to her focus on this geographic area and community while including the brand stamp of her parent brand. The brand would be called “SMV Advisor” and would be accompanied by the tagline, “Your Santa Maria Valley Wealth Advisor.” Her brand aesthetics would include herself (to introduce her to the community by face), her family, and scenes of the Central Coast hillside. 

I created a branded website, I created Instagram and Facebook pages with coordinated branding, and I created a Mailchimp email marketing account and designed branded templates. I designed and ordered a full event booth with pop-up banners and give-away tchotchkes with her face and brand all over them. I created various targeted direct-mail materials and coordinated their release with USPS through their direct-mail program. I branded document templates so that when she gave in-person presentations that even her hand-out materials would be precisely coordinated with her brand and with the desired, professional but friendly aesthetic. 


My client was very pleased to achieve a corporate-level, professional looking brand across all public and private-facing touchpoints. The brand, while maintaining a clean and pleasurable aesthetic, achieved a warm, Central Coast, family-oriented feel and established her as a friendly new face in the community. 

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