Supply Chain Management and Integrated Compliance Environment

Product Design | UX/UI Design | Information Architecture Analysis

Azzule Systems, Primus Group, Inc. | Late 2016 – Late 2019

In late 2016, I was asked to evaluate and propose improvements as well as add value to what was Azzule’s primary product, the Supply Chain Program.


At the time Azzule had several different SaaS offerings designed for very different audiences, but which ultimately allowed the clients of those businesses to execute various food safety and compliance tasks and deliver documentation to their buyers or retrieve it from their suppliers.


I had  years of analysis of the product under my belt as a customer advocate through the Marketing lens. Therefore, rather than narrow my focus on the Supply Chain Program only, I calculated that the ultimate benefit to the end user would be the integration of each of these services for ultimate interoperability and automation capability.

Over the next two years, and through synthesizing the ideas and expertise of our best scientific and engineering team members, I designed an entirely new product. This new software concept would elevate Azzule’s offering from a simple send-and-receive supply chain data exchange to a fully integrated business environment for supply chain compliance development, management, communication, and analysis.

Furthermore, I designed a proprietary compliance management and evaluation tool called “Compliance Activity Grids”. Grids collect and evaluate compliance data according to a customer’s custom specifications created during a simple build process. This is possible due to the granular data exchange through the integrated third-party services.


The integration of third-party auditing, laboratory analysis, and program development services as verified sources into the Azzule cloud means that supply chain users spend less time downloading, organizing, emailing, uploading, and otherwise tracking down information critical to the buying and selling of product.

Ultimately, the product is designed to transform the way that the fresh produce industry does business. It is designed to be flexible to an ever-changing compliance environment. And it is designed to scale with the integration of many third-party services and the client base that
comes with them.

Katie Novo

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