Corporate Blog Design and Content Development Strategy

Corporate Blog Design and Content Development Strategy

Corporate Blog Design and Content Development Strategy

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Confidential Organization | 2021

Multiple marketing strategies for this organization are supported by the creation of a blog and online resource center. Significant growth is then achieved with the onboarding of Subject Matter Experts as contracted writers to help keep a constant flow of relevant and insightful B2B SaaS content and to help education target audiences. 


This organization provides a complex master data management solution that is a necessary upgrade for process improvements in healthcare and life sciences companies. However, it is difficult to understand as a sophisticated backend technology and solves a problem that most don’t even know exists – or that they don’t know how to articulate yet.

Therefore, we not only needed strategies to improve direct sales, we needed to become educators in the process. 


My approach to marketing an “Unknown Unknown” was to begin with basic education around the problems it seeks to solve. I started by designing the blog and website infrastructure as a vessel for new content. I integrated it with Google Analytics and Hubspot for tracking and analytics, as well as with Mailchimp for new subscribers and privacy compliance. I developed and detailed an SEO regimen to be applied to each piece of future content for our interns and marketing coordinators to follow. 

Once the infrastructure was in place I began to develop content. I repurposed old material with important messaging into brand new whitepapers and case studies. I outlined and began to work on heavy-hitting content with our internal staff. And, most importantly, I found and contracted writers that could develop content for this complex technology with little input from our Subject Matter Experts. This allowed us to spend more time developing technical content with our SMEs internally, such as whitepapers, case studies, and demos, whilst weekly articles on less complex topics could continue to be published and boost our SEO. 


The organization has consistently seen growth in its web visitors and content downloads. I was able to leverage blog articles and downloads in various demand generation and account-based marketing campaigns, as well as leverage data from the blog activity to better target accounts in our lists with their specific interests. The content developed was even helpful in developing the organization’s first email nurturing campaigns. 

A blog is a necessary vessel for any B2B SaaS company to be successful. Not because you will become a publishing company with avid readers, necessarily, but because it helps your audience understand why they need you and it helps you understand your audience. 

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